February 11th, 2023

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weSTEM (Women Empowered in STEM) is a one-day conference designed to inspire and connect current and aspiring STEM leaders. It was started in 2013 by the Graduate Society of Women Engineers (GradSWE) at the University of Illinois.

Invited speakers will share experience and insight from their diverse career paths following a graduate degree in STEM. The conference features lectures, workshops, and breakout sessions that showcase successful career paths of women, gender minorities, and men in STEM, and facilitate the discussion of topics unique to the graduate student experience.

Click here to watch a video about weSTEM 2016!


Registration is closed for weSTEM 2023. Please contact Mashiat Hossian (westemattendees@gmail.com) with any questions


Opening Remarks

Opening Keynote

Closing Keynote

Speakers and Panelists